Category: Supporting Learning

Surely they can write ? Tackling literacy decline one scoop at a time

Using ice-cream as bait, teaching staff in Psychology delivered practical in-class exercises to improve the essay writing skills of first-year students.

/ 16 May, 2024

Countdown to launching your S2 Unit Guide

Important dates and information to ensure your Unit Guide is ready on time.

/ 14 May, 2024

Gender equity in higher education

The Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching MOOC provides strategies to enable women and gender-diverse people to benefit equally from educational opportunities.

/ 16 April, 2024

Beyond reasonable doubt: learning, teaching and mooting in the new Michael Kirby Building to connect students and staff like never before

Our state-of-the-art Law facilities will foster a strong sense of community, enhance professional skills and build a new culture for MQ law students.

/ 4 April, 2024

I ask students ‘why?’ (more often) in the era of ChatGPT

Patricia Koromvokis is fostering students' critical thinking skills by constantly asking them to explain 'why?'.

/ 5 March, 2024

Demystifying generative AI for teaching

Educate yourself about generative AI so you can guide your students and use it effectively yourself.

/ 1 March, 2024

Small changes – big impacts: learnings from neurodivergence action research

Neurodivergent students face many learning challenges at university - however small changes to how your unit is taught can make a big difference.

/ 20 February, 2024

iLearn Insights: new functionality for S1, 2024

iLearn Insights new features make it an even more valuable tool for monitoring student engagement in your unit.

/ 12 February, 2024