Category: Professional Learning

A Minute Paper Is Not A Survey

While minute papers and learner evaluation surveys both collect student feedback, they serve fundamentally different purposes for teaching and learning.

/ 14 June, 2024

Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching MOOC: Enrol now for S2 2024

It’s free, self-paced and has something for everyone – whether you’re a new teacher, an emerging HE leader, or wanting to enhance student learning or your teaching practice.

/ 4 June, 2024

Building a community of practice – from go to whoa

Explore the power of a community of practice for collaborative problem-solving, idea sharing, and skill development.

/ 29 May, 2024

Ask us: how do I encourage students to put down their phones in class?

We find the answer: suggestions for cultivating a distraction free learning zone.

/ 23 May, 2024

Enrol now for Beginning to Teach program (starts 25 June)

An introductory teaching program with a practical focus for those who are just starting or have a couple of sessions of university teaching under their belt. Join now and be ready to teach in S2 with increased confidence.

/ 13 May, 2024

Gender equity in higher education

The Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching MOOC provides strategies to enable women and gender-diverse people to benefit equally from educational opportunities.

/ 16 April, 2024

Quality assurance: what are our responsibilities?

Learn about how the standards and quality indicators for learning and teaching apply to your work as an educator in this module from Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching.

/ 12 April, 2024

Leadership for learning and teaching

The Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching MOOC guides you in developing your leadership capabilities.

/ 10 April, 2024