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Digital media assessments within the Faculty of Arts 

The Faculty of Arts pioneers digital humanities education through a strong cooperation with Adobe, increasing students' learning experiences while also encouraging novel approaches to storytelling and public engagement. 

Beyond reasonable doubt: learning, teaching and mooting in the new Michael Kirby Building to connect students and staff like never before

Our state-of-the-art Law facilities will foster a strong sense of community, enhance professional skills and build a new culture for MQ law students.

/ 4 April, 2024

What creative writing can tell us about teaching in higher education

Creative writing teaches students to pay attention to words, to take risks and perhaps even surprise themselves.

/ 5 March, 2024

I ask students ‘why?’ (more often) in the era of ChatGPT

Patricia Koromvokis is fostering students' critical thinking skills by constantly asking them to explain 'why?'.

/ 5 March, 2024

What interdisciplinary research training can tell us about teaching in higher education

How reflective writing and resistant reading can foster curiosity, critical thinking and creativity.

/ 23 November, 2023

Safeguarding academic integrity, connecting law students with markers: Assessment via viva voce

This Macquarie Law School teaching team has focused on authentic assessment via viva voce exams, not only to defend academic integrity, but also to accelerate student employability.

/ 1 March, 2023

Promoting Gender Studies through a new students and community network

Learn more about the Gendered Transnational Texts and Communities Network.

/ 28 July, 2021

Developing students’ literacy through embedding

With so much content to get through, it may feel impossible to teach literacy – the understanding and control of diverse and multiple modes of communication [1] – in your unit. The Learning Skills Unit, Library and the Numeracy Centre...

/ 28 June, 2021