Get all your students working together on an MQ supported, free and easy to use platform where all the Microsoft 365 tools are right at their fingertips.

6 reasons you and your students will love using Microsoft Teams 

1. MQ supported – Microsoft Teams is supported by Macquarie University. It’s free for all MQ staff and students. Technical support and training resources are available. 

2. Fully integrated with Office 365 – Students and staff can collaborate on documents in real-time, schedule meetings, and share notes—all within one platform. Use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Whiteboard seamlessly. 

3. Packed full of features – Enhance learning experiences and collaboration with video conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing, and the ability to create dedicated channels for projects or group work. 

4. Security against data loss – Teams requires staff and students to log in using multi-factor authentication (MFA), ensuring security against data loss. 

5. Scalable – Teams is great for small group work or larger scale projects, making it a versatile tool for any collaboration needs. 

6. Compatible with various devices and operating systems – Teams works across a wide range of devices and operating systems, ensuring accessibility for all students. 

Tips for Unit Convenors

Promote Teams to your students:

We highly recommend incorporating information about Teams in your Unit Guides (perhaps under the ‘Technology Used’ section) and iLearn materials as appropriate. Here’s some text you can adapt (see box on right).

Microsoft Teams is available for download and use for student-to-student communication and collaboration. Teams facilitates seamless communication among students and streamlines student groupwork. Students can leverage specific apps within Teams such as Whiteboard and Planner.

Here’s a slide you can download for use in promoting the use of Microsoft Teams in your tutorials/lectures or in iLearn. 

Include this link to the Teams Student Page.

Access available resources: You’ll find resources and ideas for using Teams on the Microsoft Teams Hub.

Find self-help guides: Guides for staff on getting set up and using the features of Microsoft Teams can be found on the Technology and Tools intranet site here.

Reach out for support: For more information or support, email or post a message in the Microsoft Teams Hub

4 key messages to share with students 

1. Communicate and collaborate with Microsoft TeamsUse Teams to communicate with your fellow students and when you need to collaborate for group work or a team project.
2.Download Microsoft Teams Teams is now available for free download and use by MQ students, offering a secure platform that’s fully integrated with other Microsoft 365 tools. Visit the Teams Student Page to download Teams and learn the basics of using Teams for your studies.
3.Leverage apps within TeamsLeverage specific apps within Teams, such as Whiteboard and Planner, to enhance collaboration and planning efforts.
4.Start using Teams for group work right now!It’s ready to go for your session 2 units. Download Teams here.


For any questions or further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out.  Email or post a message in the Microsoft Teams Hub

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