Make teaching development part of your game plan

Professional development for teaching: Here's what's on offer in 2024.

/ 11 January, 2024

Why did this MQ Educator get students to use two AI tools in one tutorial? 

This MQ educator challenged his marketing students to use two AI tools in a single tutorial. Why? Let’s discover the reason!

/ 18 June, 2024

Unlock insights into student engagement and progress

Are you using all the features of iLearn Insights to full effect?

/ 17 June, 2024

A Minute Paper Is Not A Survey

While minute papers and learner evaluation surveys both collect student feedback, they serve fundamentally different purposes for teaching and learning.

/ 14 June, 2024

Showcasing award-winning teaching: Camille Rahme

Chiropractic students are faced with learning how to perform physical assessments and manual interventions on their fellow students, so creating a safe and comfortable learning environment is essential. Camille Rahme fully embraced this challenge.

/ 14 June, 2024

Showcasing award winning teaching: Ali Lalbakhsh

Helping MQ College engineering students overcome an attitude of ‘not being good enough’ drives Ali Lalbakhsh‘s mindset growth philosophy.

/ 11 June, 2024

Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching MOOC: Enrol now for S2 2024

It’s free, self-paced and has something for everyone – whether you’re a new teacher, an emerging HE leader, or wanting to enhance student learning or your teaching practice.

/ 4 June, 2024

Showcasing award-winning teaching: Irina Dedova

Irina Dedova tackled the challenge of a crowded curriculum by redesigning her teaching materials and activities, making a difficult subject more digestible and understandable to maximise student success.

/ 3 June, 2024

No more ‘fit to sit” for exams: here’s the new conditions for students

A revamped Special Consideration Policy clarifies that only under exceptional circumstances will students be eligible to re-sit an exam.

/ 3 June, 2024