Month: July 2024

Digital Library tools to help your students succeed this session

6 ways to boost your students' information and digital skills.

/ 12 July, 2024

Leganto makes reading list management easy

It's time to prepare your reading list for the start of session. And don't forget to hit SEND LIST once you've done it!

/ 9 July, 2024

Navigate iLearn like a pro

Get to know iLearn inside out with workshops, training and tips.

/ 9 July, 2024

Transform student collaboration in your unit with Microsoft TeamsĀ 

Introduce your students to Microsoft Teams this session for streamlined groupwork and seamless student-to-student communication.

/ 8 July, 2024

Master APA referencing style: Attend this demo of Academic Writer

Discover how APA Academic Writer supports students, researchers, and teaching staff.

/ 3 July, 2024