Category: Learning Technologies

Tips on how to get the best out of your learning technologies.

Demystifying generative AI for teaching

Educate yourself about generative AI so you can guide your students and use it effectively yourself.

/ 1 March, 2024

iLearn Insights: new functionality for S1, 2024

iLearn Insights new features make it an even more valuable tool for monitoring student engagement in your unit.

/ 12 February, 2024

Explore the full potential of iLearn Insights

This presentation will run you through key functions plus what's new and improved in iLearn Insights.

/ 9 February, 2024

Do you need some training in iLearn?

Are you new to Macquarie and want some training on the technologies used for teaching, or perhaps you just need a refresher?

/ 29 January, 2024

Personalised staff timetables at your fingertips with the new Publish (Timetables) system

Academic staff will be able to log in and view the timetable for available units, including their own personal timetable, using the new Publish (Timetables) system.

/ 13 November, 2023

Tips for presenting online like a pro

Want your online teaching to be as engaging as a TED Talk? This video series shows you how to use your voice effectively and present your best self in front of the camera.

/ 10 November, 2023

Live Class Workbooks

Create a shared document to monitor student activity responses in real time during live classes.

/ 31 October, 2023

Hey, where did the iLearn Insights link go?

If you are looking for the link to iLearn Insights (from within iLearn) here's how you can find it.

/ 31 October, 2023

Impact of technology enhanced learning strategies on student motivation and performance

Participate in a research project exploring educators' perspectives of technology enhanced learning strategies.

/ 6 October, 2023