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I'm a 'long-term' Mq girl. I did my PhD here and taught on different courses, ranging from 1st year to PhD students. I now work in Learning and Teaching, which I love. I have 2 young kids and a dog, and I love meeting other Mq people, so give me a shout if you'd like to talk 'learning and teaching' or would like to brainstorm together.

Why did this MQ Educator get students to use two AI tools in one tutorial? 

This MQ educator challenged his marketing students to use two AI tools in a single tutorial. Why? Let’s discover the reason!

/ 18 June, 2024

Is there a silent epidemic of grade inflation in HE?

Catch up on what you missed in MQ’s podcast club’s discussion on the silent epidemic of grade inflation. We explored its historical roots, its potential impact on teaching evaluations, and its wider implications on the job market and academic choices.

/ 29 April, 2024

Artificial Intelligence, Real Results. Generative AI’s Session 2, 2023 Report Card

Is ChatGPT useful for teaching? One academic from MQBS tried it out in Semester 2, and here are her findings...

/ 24 November, 2023
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What to do with quizzes now that ChatGPT quickly aces them? Here’s one idea…  

If you have automatically graded quizzes in iLearn, then read on.

/ 22 October, 2023

Teachers beware: The Feedback Sandwich might be off the menu!

Before you craft your next Feedback Sandwich, consider reassessing its ingredients! While the Sandwich method is popular, its effectiveness is under debate.

/ 3 October, 2023
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11 ways ChatGPT can save you time

Have you been using ChatGPT to elevate your teaching? If not, here's what you're missing out on.

/ 5 September, 2023
human brain as a plant

Tuning up an assessment task for the A.I world [a case study] 

What's the plan if ChatGPT can ace your once-solid assessment?

/ 7 June, 2023

Assessments and AI … A three-stage approach

If we were to use AI in our assessments, what could it look like?

/ 15 May, 2023