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Showcasing award-winning educational leadership: Josephine Paparo

Jo Paparo exemplifies educational leadership by taking initiative, solving challenges and driving impactful change.

/ 22 July, 2024

The power of asking students ‘Do you know what you don’t know?’

The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of teaching academic self-reflection and help-seeking skills to first year students

/ 28 June, 2024

Showcasing award-winning teaching: Camille Rahme

Chiropractic students are faced with learning how to perform physical assessments and manual interventions on their fellow students, so creating a safe and comfortable learning environment is essential. Camille Rahme fully embraced this challenge.

/ 14 June, 2024

Showcasing award-winning teaching: Irina Dedova

Irina Dedova tackled the challenge of a crowded curriculum by redesigning her teaching materials and activities, making a difficult subject more digestible and understandable to maximise student success.

/ 3 June, 2024

Surely they can write? Tackling literacy decline one scoop at a time

Using ice-cream as bait, teaching staff in Psychology delivered practical in-class exercises to improve the essay writing skills of first-year students.

/ 16 May, 2024

Helping students join the dots: implementing a connected curriculum framework

How Linguistics set about boosting student engagement by connecting students to the academic life and research activities of their Department.

/ 7 May, 2024
Image of lady diving into water

I took the plunge and added an industry placement to a non-WIL unit

How do you make sure students gain practical experience, apply theory and connect with industry all in one unit? Agi Bodis (Linguistics) explains.

/ 23 January, 2024

Spotlight on practice: Using rich case studies to make learning stick – Joel Fuller

Joel Fuller (Health Sciences) explains how connecting students with real stories develops holistic clinical skills.

/ 9 October, 2023