Category: Learning Analytics

Unlock insights into student engagement and progress

Are you using all the features of iLearn Insights to full effect?

/ 17 June, 2024

iLearn Insights: new functionality for S1, 2024

iLearn Insights new features make it an even more valuable tool for monitoring student engagement in your unit.

/ 12 February, 2024

Explore the full potential of iLearn Insights

This presentation will run you through key functions plus what's new and improved in iLearn Insights.

/ 9 February, 2024

Straight from the student’s mouth: LET survey provides feedback on your teaching

How, when and why to order a Learner Evaluation of Teaching survey for your unit.

/ 10 August, 2023

5 years of iLearn Insights at Macquarie University

The multi-award winning iLearn Insights tool celebrates 5 years since it's inception.

/ 4 April, 2023

Check if an assignment was submitted from an offshore or onshore location using iLearn Insights

iLearn Insights highlights if there is a mismatch between where the student accesses iLearn and where their assignment was submitted.

/ 20 February, 2023

Tips for Unit Convenors: Setting up iLearn to optimise MyLearn for students

Answering Unit Convenor questions about what MyLearn displays for students.

/ 9 June, 2022