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Discussions around teaching practice.

From stories to theories: Using AI to make learning more relatable 

Read how this MQ Educator uses AI story prompts to set the scene for the theory. By crafting relatable narratives, AI helps students understand and appreciate concepts more deeply.

/ 16 July, 2024

Convening a unit? Set the stage for success

The ultimate guide for Unit Convenors: Strategies, tips, and checklist for preparing for the start of session

/ 15 July, 2024

The power of asking students ‘Do you know what you don’t know?’

The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of teaching academic self-reflection and help-seeking skills to first year students

/ 28 June, 2024

Why did this MQ Educator get students to use two AI tools in one tutorial? 

This MQ educator challenged his marketing students to use two AI tools in a single tutorial. Why? Let’s discover the reason!

/ 18 June, 2024

A Minute Paper Is Not A Survey

While minute papers and learner evaluation surveys both collect student feedback, they serve fundamentally different purposes for teaching and learning.

/ 14 June, 2024

Showcasing award-winning teaching: Camille Rahme

Chiropractic students are faced with learning how to perform physical assessments and manual interventions on their fellow students, so creating a safe and comfortable learning environment is essential. Camille Rahme fully embraced this challenge.

/ 14 June, 2024

Showcasing award winning teaching: Ali Lalbakhsh

Helping MQ College engineering students overcome an attitude of ‘not being good enough’ drives Ali Lalbakhsh‘s mindset growth philosophy.

/ 11 June, 2024

Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching MOOC: Enrol now for S2 2024

It’s free, self-paced and has something for everyone – whether you’re a new teacher, an emerging HE leader, or wanting to enhance student learning or your teaching practice.

/ 4 June, 2024