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Discussions around teaching practice.

Ask us: how do I encourage students to put down their phones in class?

We find the answer: suggestions for cultivating a distraction free learning zone.

/ 16 May, 2024

Surely they can write ? Tackling literacy decline one scoop at a time

Using ice-cream as bait, teaching staff in Psychology delivered practical in-class exercises to improve the essay writing skills of first-year students.

/ 16 May, 2024

Enrol now for Beginning to Teach program (starts 25 June)

An introductory teaching program with a practical focus for those who are just starting or have a couple of sessions of university teaching under their belt. Join now and be ready to teach in S2 with increased confidence.

/ 13 May, 2024

Mastering the art of unit convening: preparing for a successful start of session

Charanya Ramakrishnan (Computing) shares her checklist to prepare for the start of the session – based on years of experience convening large units.

/ 13 May, 2024

Is there a silent epidemic of grade inflation in HE?

Catch up on what you missed in MQ’s podcast club’s discussion on the silent epidemic of grade inflation. We explored its historical roots, its potential impact on teaching evaluations, and its wider implications on the job market and academic choices.

/ 29 April, 2024

What entrepreneurship can tell us about teaching in higher education

Entrepreneurship education encourages students to pursue setting up novel business ventures as a viable career option.

/ 19 April, 2024

Gender equity in higher education

The Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching MOOC provides strategies to enable women and gender-diverse people to benefit equally from educational opportunities.

/ 16 April, 2024

Quality assurance: what are our responsibilities?

Learn about how the standards and quality indicators for learning and teaching apply to your work as an educator in this module from Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching.

/ 12 April, 2024