Fostering academic integrity in your classroom

What are the resources available to support you in your discussions with students?

/ 28 June, 2021
image of a dialogue box made with paper

Is he not university ready or is the UNIVERSITY not student-ready?

I was recently talking to a neighbour who started at one of the Sydney universities this year. What he said really surprised me...

/ 23 June, 2021

Macquarie to host Univative

Macquarie University is once again hosting the national inter-university, inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural student competition Univative in June/July 2021.

/ 22 June, 2021

Assessment policy brief: defining assessment workload (hours)

Define student assessment workload hours in the CMS.

/ 22 June, 2021

Meet the team: Operations

Meet the Team is a series of articles to introduce the teams of the Learning and Teaching Portfolio following the recent organisational restructure. This week we meet the Operations team.

/ 21 June, 2021

Don’t wait until your Zoom recordings end up in the trash!

Act now to link to Echo360 for sharing your Zoom recordings as recordings hosted on Zoom will be automatically trashed after 1 year.

/ 18 June, 2021

Educators of Impact: award-winner Leeanne Mendonca De Mello uses empathy to enhance the student experience

This is a series of articles highlighting 2020 Vice-Chancellor’s Learning and Teaching Award winners. This week we profile our Sessional Staff Award winner.

/ 17 June, 2021

Postgraduate post-experience blended learning: can it be done?

Changing a highly rated course which has been around for over 30 years is not a trivial exercise. Especially when you change from face-to-face to a blended learning environment. This is currently underway at Macquarie Business School's Master of Applied...

/ 17 June, 2021