A comprehensive guide, developed by Dr Mathew Hillier, aims to give teachers a baseline literacy in the use of Generative Artificial Intelligence in higher education – whether you want to use it in your teaching, know how to guide your students, or find some administrative efficiencies.

The Generative Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education resource is available to access for free in the Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching MOOC. You’ll find it by first enrolling in the MOOC and then going to the ‘Resources section’. Enrol at https://canvas.instructure.com/enroll/FPXJJW

As with all of the content in the MOOC, you can pick and choose which sections to engage with according to your interests and relevance to your practice.

Discover what this resource has to offer

Here’s an overview of the topics explored:

  • What it means to be AI literate in the context of teaching and how that contributes to being more successful and productive in using it.
  • The ethics of AI development and use. Issues explored include false or misleading information, bias and discrimination, equity of access, fraud and cheating, privacy, security and intellectual property.
  • The capabilities of commonly available generative AI tools.
  • How to use AI to generate output of value to you and your students. Resources and tips for prompting, incorporating AI in assessment and guiding students.
  • Evaluating the output produced by gen AI, how output is produced and how teachers and students can evaluate that output.
  • Academic integrity and the use of AI writing detection tools.
  • How AI can be used by teachers and students: AI in professional settings and AI as a teaching assistant. It includes a practical example of using AI to create a rubric.

Access to the resource is free via the MOOC

Step 1: Enrol in the Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching MOOC at https://canvas.instructure.com/enroll/FPXJJW

Step 2: Once enrolled in the course, select ‘Modules’ from the left-hand column and navigate to the ‘Resources’ section at the end of the MOOC (scroll down to after module 24) and find the resource called ‘Generative Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education’ and download.

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