In this post Shamim Joarder (Senior Learning Analytics Adviser) and Cathy Rytmeister (Learning Analytics Manager) answer questions raised by unit convenors (in the recent MyLearn forum) on how to set up iLearn to optimise what is displayed for students in MyLearn.

The student view of MyLearn

Q How can we ensure students realise that all assessments tasks are important, even if they are not captured in MyLearn?

Several participants raised concerns about MyLearn creating an impression among students that the tasks captured in MyLearn are more important than those tasks that are not. This may include learning activities and assessment tasks that are conducted and/or assessed offline.

This is partly addressed in the reminder to students (see below) that they must check iLearn itself and the Unit Guide as the two “sources of truth” about requirements for each unit.

However, this doesn’t deal with perceptions of relative importance of activities that don’t appear in MyLearn. We need to investigate how we can include offline activities in MyLearn.

Please send examples to so that we can explore this. In the meantime, Unit Convenor and teacher communication with students is the best way to promote such activities and task.

Q If I have set up iLearn to prevent students from seeing their numerical marks, will they be able to deduce their mark from the MyLearn display?

If numerical marks are hidden in iLearn Gradebook the comparative display will not appear in MyLearn.

Q With marks, if the students can ONLY see the letter grade in iLearn, what do they see in MyLearn on this display (comparison with average)?

Students still see a bar in the MyLearn display, irrespective of whether they see a letter or number grade in iLearn. No actual grade is shown in MyLearn and we will not be showing actual marks in MyLearn.

Q Could we get something added to quizzes in iLearn that says like “Show quiz/mark in MyLearn [yes/no]”, so that UCs could control this from iLearn?

This would require a change in iLearn, which introduces an overhead when iLearn gets upgraded to the latest version. It would be better to find another way to resolve this issue. We will consider options for doing this. Non-graded activities are not shown in MyLearn.

Q Is there a way to hide quizzes from students in MyLearn? For example, I have quizzes that are in a “non graded” section for practice only, but looking at one of my Student’s MyLearn I can see that their page is clogged with “open test” information re: these quizzes.

Although you have the quizzes in a non graded section, it’s possible that the these quizzes actually have grades attached (even if they don’t contribute to final grade). Therefore, MyLearn sees these as graded quizzes. If you hide grades for these quizzes in the iLearn Gradebook, they will not appear in MyLearn.

Q Is the remaining day/time calculated based on the timing of the assessment or the group override?

After feedback from staff, we have now implemented the group and user override in MyLearn.

Q If I am using Part 1, 2 and 3 in Turnitin assignments, which date is displayed in MyLearn?

The Part 1 date will be displayed in MyLearn as the assignment due date. Part 2 and Part 3 due dates are currently ignored, but our intention is to add these in a future enhancement.

Note: For assistance with setting up, and/or editing the text labels for Turnitin assessment “parts”, please contact your Faculty L&T Support Team.

Q User profile restrictions are sometimes used for students with IEAP. How does this affect their access to MyLearn?

Please send an example via so that we can investigate.

Q Can MyLearn reflect due dates for assessment activities using tools that are external to iLearn, such as a VoiceThread or a Zoom oral task, both of which are essential for language units?

VoiceThread uses a system that MyLearn cannot currently access, so unfortunately we cannot draw data from this source. Zoom data can be used for due dates, but experience to date is that data derived from Zoom is inconsistent and inaccurate with respect to student activity. We will give this issue further consideration with a view to investigating options that will result in more accurate and useful data for MyLearn. This may include manually adding activities and due dates for those activities which are currently external to iLearn.

Q In my area (languages), especially with large online cohorts, deadlines are set up through student sign-ups for speaking tests etc. to match the students’ scheduling needs. How can this be shown in MyLearn?

Individual deadlines from “sign-ups” external to iLearn cannot currently be captured by MyLearn, but this might be something we can work on for future developments. If you could provide an example of how the sign-ups are implemented, this would assist Shamim in exploring the possibility of including this information in MyLearn.

Q Is there any way to make the Echo360 analytics more meaningful? Students can view lectures entirely offline, meaning that their names don’t appear in the Echo360 analytics at all. I am guessing that is not solvable.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the case. There is some information we cannot access from ECHO360, for example, downloads for offline viewing.

Let us know if you have any ideas for enhancing MyLearn

Remember (and please remind students!) that you can request new (and enhancements to) MyLearn functions via

Tell your students about these MyLearn Quick Guides (if you haven’t already)

A series of ‘how to’ guides has been created for students to configure and understand MyLearn:

  • All they need to know about the dashboard – how to filter to display one or all units it and what the reports are telling them
  • Using the Alerts Centre – what the different types of alerts mean
  • Customising the MyLearn dashboard

Please direct your students to the MyLearn website:

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