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Messaging Students In iLearn

A recent student focus group helped us refine the potential of sending messages to students through iLearn.

/ 28 February, 2018

Students as Partners: Anthony Joffe

This is the first in a series of Students as Partners articles featuring students who are making significant contributions to learning and teaching in the Faculty of Human Sciences.

/ 28 February, 2018

New Grant to Streamline Lab Delivery

The Department of Cognitive Sciences, in partnership with EMOTIV, have recently been awarded a Strategic Priority Grant to develop of an integrated digital educational platform for lab-based learning activities in cognitive and brain sciences.

/ 28 February, 2018
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Special Consideration: What Every Convenor Should Know

What you need to know about the Special Consideration Policy that came into effect in late 2017.

/ 28 February, 2018

FoHS Learning & Teaching Priorities for 2018

The Faculty of Human Sciences Learning and Teaching Committee has just endorsed four proposed priorities for 2018. Now is the time to have your say on these suggestions.

/ 28 February, 2018
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The FoHS Grant Process

Hurry! There is not much time left to apply for a Strategic Priority Grant. Here’s the FoHS process: Applications for Strategic Priority Grants are now open for projects of 6 and 3 month duration. If you have a project in...

/ 28 February, 2018
iLearn Dropin

iLearn Open House – Featuring HSYP801

A change is as good as a holiday right? In this case we’re talking an iLearn change.

/ 22 February, 2018
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Pracademics – the First Time Teaching

Your first teaching experience can feel like being thrown into the deep end. We understand.

/ 22 February, 2018