Month: July 2021

Common encounters with Echo360

We answer the top 10 most frequently asked questions about using Echo360.

/ 15 July, 2021

Combined forum participation report in iLearn insights

This new report allows you to monitor student participation in online forums.

/ 15 July, 2021

2021 Australian Financial Review Higher Education Awards are now open!

We have had ongoing success in recent years with the Australian Financial Review (AFR) Higher Education Awards. It's our hope to continue this success into 2021.

/ 13 July, 2021

Schedule emails for the entire session in iLearn insights

Unit Convenors can now schedule emails for the entire session and emails will be sent automatically with a confirmation email sent to the Convenor when the email has been sent.

/ 13 July, 2021

Interested in professional development for teaching? We’ve got you covered!

Workshops, training, programs, resources, communities of practice available for you in Session 2.

/ 8 July, 2021

Meet the team: Employability & Graduate Success

Meet the Team is a series of articles to introduce the teams of the learning and teaching portfolio following the recent organisational restructure. This week we meet the Employability and Graduate Success (EG&S) team.

/ 6 July, 2021
Girl with black headphones looking out window

Accessible online learning for all: automatic transcripts now available in Echo360

From Session 2, every Macquarie student will be able to access a transcript of their lectures and any other videos stored on the Echo360 Active Learning Platform.

/ 5 July, 2021

Placing the capstone on our coursework architecture transformation: QAE&I and the Curriculum Lifecycle Framework. Part 2: Our Quality Journey

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Programs & Pathways) Professor Sean Brawley provides an overview of the work completed and currently underway to support quality assurance, enhancement, and improvement at Macquarie.

/ 5 July, 2021

Educators of Impact: inspiring staff nominated by students

This is a series of articles highlighting 2020 Vice-Chancellor’s Learning and Teaching Award winners. This week we profile our Student-nominated Award winners.

/ 2 July, 2021