Preparing for teaching at the start of session leads many of you to have close encounters with technology!
When it comes to using the Echo360 active learning platform, these are the most common questions staff are grappling with right now!

Thanks to David Morgan for providing the answers to these questions coming in through the Help desk and iLearn drop in clinic.

Q1: Where do I get Universal Capture?

Universal Capture is Echo360’s desktop capture and live streaming software. Access Echo360 through a unit in iLearn, find and then click on the Echo360 block, then download and install. Here’s how:

Q2: How do I schedule a Universal Capture live stream?

Ahead of your live stream, setup each class with dates and times on your unit’s Echo360 page.

Q3: How do I commence a Universal Capture live stream / recording?

On your Mac or PC, launch Echo360 Universal Capture, edit capture details, and choose the relevant unit and scheduled class. Ensure live stream is selected and save. Setup desired inputs (display and/or webcam) then press the red button to commence streaming.

Q4: Can I use Zoom to record instead of Universal Capture?

Yes, since Zoom cloud recordings are copied to Echo360 you can use Zoom to record if preferred. Run a Zoom meeting without other participants and start a cloud recording. The video will be copied into your Echo360 library.

Q5: Should I use Zoom or Echo360 to live stream?

One determining factor is the participant limitation for Zoom which is currently 300 . There is no participant limitation for Echo360 live streams. Other determining factors relate to feature differences and delivery scenarios.

Find a detailed comparison titled Echo360 Live Streaming VS Zoom Meeting at the bottom of this page.

Q6: How do I list recordings on my unit’s Echo360 page?

If you’re using Universal Capture, you can choose a unit with the ‘publish to’ option before starting a recording.

If the recording is already in your library (perhaps it’s a past recording, or a video file you just uploaded to the library), you can use the share settings available for any video to add the video to a unit’s Echo360 page.

You can also add a recording directly on the unit’s Echo360 page. Add a new class then add a video into it. Here, you can upload a new video file or link to an existing video in your library.

Q7: How do I locate and reuse a past recording?

All video file uploads, Universal Capture and Zoom cloud recordings created under your account can be found in your Echo360 library. From the library, share past recordings onto a current unit’s Echo360 page.

If you can’t find a past recording in your library locate the past unit’s Echo360 page in iLearn and create a copy of each required video from the green icon as shown. The copied videos will now appear in your library for sharing into the current unit.

Q8: Can I automate sharing my Zoom recordings onto my unit’s Echo360 page?

Yes, if you have scheduled Zoom meetings you can choose which Echo360 unit page each recorded Zoom meeting will share to.

Q9: Where can I find the Echo360 user guides?

All these topics and more are covered in the Lecture recordings staff resource guides.

Q10: Can I get some training on using Universal Capture?

Yes, the Echo360 Universal Capture self-paced module takes around 35 minutes to complete and will provide you with an overview of the software and how you can integrate it into your teaching, and step you through how to create and upload videos. It’s available through Workday.

And finally….

Beyond the basics: Echo360 – a Teche article with some practical ideas on using Echo360 to add interactivity to your unit.

Help with using Echo360 to deliver live streamed and recorded lectures – information to support the return to online teaching.

Image credits:
Main header image: Unsplash – Nathan Duck
Screen shots: David Morgan, Senior Applications Specialist, MQ Information Technology

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