Category: Curriculum

Course learning outcomes – from constructive alignment to assurance of learning

Using CLOs to ensure student success - a roadmap for teaching teams.

/ 17 April, 2024
Banner image: Kevin Trotman, Flickr, "Where the Rubber Meets the Road", CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Authentic Assessment

Tasks representative of the complexity encountered in the discipline and professional practice.

/ 4 March, 2024

Including Indigenous perspectives across the curriculum

Practical advice and guidance to ensure you have the skills and resources to support meaningful inclusion of Indigenous perspectives in your unit.

/ 28 February, 2024
Abstract representation of the concept of programmatic assessment

Programmatic Assessment

A programme of assessment to create a wholistic picture of each student's capabilities throughout their entire learning journey.

/ 8 December, 2023

Key elements that underpin curriculum design

This MOOC module extends curriculum design to include learner engagement and graduate futures.

/ 21 September, 2023

Confused about what shared teaching means?

Here's the official definitions of Co-Badging, Co-Teaching and Co-Locating.

/ 14 September, 2023

Ask us: What are your favourite course design resources?

We find the answer: uncovering resources to aid course design processes.

/ 27 April, 2023

April is Course Annual Health Check Month at Macquarie

It is April again! And this means it is time for our courses to undergo their Annual Health Check.

/ 5 April, 2023

A proposed AI literacy framework

Artificial Intelligence (AI) literacy for staff and students will arguably be the next frontier in developing enhanced employability for many graduates.

/ 30 March, 2023