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Discussions around teaching practice.

4 images, each demonstrating different colour seeing conditions

Don’t Forget About Students With Colour Blindness

What's it like to have a form of colour blindness and what can educators and L&T support staff do to support students affected by colour blindness?

/ 29 March, 2018
Train tracks

Train Station Closure –
It’s Time To Prepare

With the train station set to close later this year, now is the time to plan, prepare and familiarise yourselves with available tools and approaches to best navigate the change.

/ 27 March, 2018
colleagues talking

Peer Review of Teaching and Curriculum Community of Practice

The Peer Review Community of Practice (PR CoP) recently discussed practices, methods and activities that fit under the umbrella of 'peer review'.

/ 26 March, 2018
Green Screen Recording in LIH Studio - Photo by Mike Catabay for LIH

Need help with Educational Media?

Find out more about the different levels of support our Educational Media Producers can provide for your video, photography, motion graphics and virtual and augmented reality projects.

/ 22 March, 2018
coffee mug and laptop

The ANU Coffee Courses

Check out the ANU's online professional development series Coffee Courses and an upcoming course on Deep and Interactive Learning in Lectures.

/ 21 March, 2018
a jar of vegemite outside the library

‘Groupwork’ Benefits WITHOUT Doing ‘Groupwork’

Take a look at these 6 collaborative activities that hone cooperation and communication skills without actually formalising it as 'groupwork'.

/ 20 March, 2018
Telescope overlooking Paris

Learning Analytics: What’s happening around the world?

A reflection on the Learning Analytics & Knowledge Conference in Sydney, an international conference for research into learning analytics in the higher education sector.

/ 19 March, 2018
Sign at door of Drop in Clinic

Missed Drop-in Clinic? – No worries – Your Session 1 FAQs Covered

The top 3 FAQs from this session's Drop-in Clinic answered.

/ 15 March, 2018