The latest round of Educational Media Internships saw Macquarie students work with the Learning Innovation Hub to undertake a variety of projects for PACE, Educational Studies, Modern History, and Medicine.

The internships in the LIH were established to help achieve a L&T Strategic Priority, to promote students as partners and co-creators in their formal learning. In a similar fashion to test-driving simulations in virtual reality, the interns got a dose of what it’s like to work in the real world; by becoming co-creators of learning resources that directly impact student learning, with the finished products being used in iLearn from Semester 1 and 2 this year.

Students also had an opportunity to be mentored by the LIH’s Educational Media Producers, further developing skills to prepare them for employment in their chosen industry. Formal workshops were tailored specifically for the students at their stage in their career journey, which included the production and application of motion graphics, portrait photography and communicating effectively with your talent, as well as growing your personal brand.

The internship experience was a great balance between working independently and being given guidance. I definitely think that having the opportunity to take time simply to learn new things is a great element to this internship that most others don’t have.
– Intern (via anonymous survey response)

As one of the mentors, and an Alumnus of Macquarie’s Department of Media, I was incredibly excited to work with a group of talented and enthusiastic individuals. I saw the chance to mentor the students as not only a great way to teach and ‘give back’, but a unique opportunity for myself to learn and grow, too. In getting different perspectives from our interns about what was effective and engaging, my team and I were able to get a sense of what it’s like to be in our audience’s shoes. Having students create with us the educational media that will be used in learning and teaching at Macquarie has been a hugely valuable experience.

It’s also amazing to see our former interns (from our first internship program) progress and succeed in their careers after graduating from Macquarie – one is now working as a video editor at Sony Music Australia!

To our interns; sincere thanks for your hard work, your enthusiasm, and being a great team to work with! From the LIH Ed Media crew – we wish you all the best in your career journeys (and drop us a line if you need references!) 😊

Need help with creating educational media? Get in touch with the LIH Educational Media Producers.

For enquiries regarding the LIH Internships, please contact Dr Tanya Rose, Strategic and Innovation Lead, Learning Innovation Hub.

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