With the launch of the new Academic Integrity Policy (outlined here in This Week), each faculty will be running workshops introducing the policy and its application. Both Academic and Professional staff are welcome to join the faculty workshops, and if you are not attached to a faculty, you can register for whichever date and time is suitable for you. Find registration details below.

These workshops will be highly engaged, interactive workshops covering:

  • What is Academic Integrity?

  • What type of dishonest behaviour goes on?

  • Why do students act dishonestly?

  • What are the consequences for students?

  • What can we, as teachers, do about Academic Integrity?

  • Resources and tips

Register here for the Arts workshop, Thursday 3 May 2018

Register here for the Business and Economics workshop, Tuesday 1 May 2018

Register here for the Human Sciences workshop, Thursday 3 May 2018

Register here for the Medicine and Health Sciences, Tuesday 1 May 2018

Register here for the Science and Engineering workshop, Tuesday 1 May 2018

Because Academic Integrity is everyone’s business!

Posted by Marie Herberstein

I am a biologist and work on the behaviour of spiders and insects here at Macquarie University. I am currently the interim Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic).

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