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The Learning and Teaching Staff Development team works with staff across the University to ensure they are supported to facilitate quality learning for students. This includes offering professional development, contributing to curriculum and assessment design, recognising and rewarding good practice, supporting peer review of teaching, and leading scholarly reflection. Email with questions or requests.

Your opportunity to observe teaching (and teachers) in action

Open for Observation: Experienced educators across the university are opening their classes for teaching & learning support colleagues to observe and learn.

/ 3 August, 2022

Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching: MOOC now open for S2 enrolment

It’s free, self-paced and highly recommended for anyone in their first few years of university teaching.

/ 20 July, 2022

Spotlight on practice: Dealing with emergencies in life and teaching – Michael Volkov

In this TECHE 'long read', Michael Volkov (Marketing) talks about his approach to teaching and why niceness is underrated.

/ 11 July, 2022

In focus: iLearn workbooks

Dr Kelly Gray explains why iLearn workbooks are great for asynchronous online learning and shares some tips for integrating them into your unit.

/ 2 June, 2022

‘Including teachers in inclusive teaching’ is the topic for our May L&T podcast discussion club

Join us for a discussion on including diverse teachers in our teaching practice.

/ 27 April, 2022

Let’s chat about ‘slow academia’

Exploring slow academia as a difficult but useful way of considering the intersections of self, others, time, place and institutions.

/ 13 April, 2022

Join a focus group to co-create an inclusive teaching resource for staff

Contribute your ideas, perspectives and expertise to the development of a staff resource to support inclusive teaching at MQ.

/ 5 April, 2022