At this time of year, we’re all paddling hard so we’re hoping this checklist (with key links) will help you to glide smoothly into Session 1.

Know the key teaching dates for Session 1

Publish your unit guide

  • Unit guides are due to be finalised and published by 6th February 2023. Read the Countdown to launching your Unit Guide for key dates and information including what information comes from MQCMS and what can be changed in iTeach.

Get your iLearn unit ready

Get some help with using iLearn and other learning technologies

Find your classes and rooms

  • Find out when and where you are teaching (class days/times and room location) and what facilities are available in the space by accessing the Timetable System.

Get up to speed with the technology in your teaching spaces

Find out about new iLearn Insights features (and get help)

Calm your nerves about teaching your first class

Welcome to the unit and to the session

Plan for contingencies

Ensure you have this information to hand for your students at the start of session:

Bookmark this directory of information, resources and links to services for supporting students.

Let tutors/sessional staff know about the teaching development that is available for them

Make teaching development part of your game plan this year

  • Whether you’re new to teaching at MQ, an experienced teacher wanting some technology tips, or you’re ready to undertake some more structured professional learning – here is where you will find support to achieve your teaching development goals with facilitated and self-paced programs, workshops and resources.

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Learning and Teaching Development Coordinator Office of PVC (Learning and Teaching)

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