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Building a community of practice – from go to whoa

Explore the power of a community of practice for collaborative problem-solving, idea sharing, and skill development.

/ 29 May, 2024

Is there a silent epidemic of grade inflation in HE?

Catch up on what you missed in MQ’s podcast club’s discussion on the silent epidemic of grade inflation. We explored its historical roots, its potential impact on teaching evaluations, and its wider implications on the job market and academic choices.

/ 29 April, 2024

Make teaching development part of your game plan

Professional development for teaching: Here's what's on offer in 2024.

/ 11 January, 2024
person looking through a hole

What does dynamic lecturing look like? Let’s see!

Ideas for adding activities to your lecture to prepare students for learning and help them to absorb and apply knowledge.

/ 19 October, 2022
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ABCs of pedagogy: D is for diversity

What scholarship can you use to describe your diversity or inclusive teaching pedagogy?

/ 22 July, 2022

Interested in professional development for teaching? We’ve got you covered!

Workshops, training, programs, resources, communities of practice available for you in Session 2.

/ 8 July, 2021

Gender and group work- something you (probably) didn’t realise

Gender and group work. What happens when female students are in the minority?

/ 16 June, 2021

Four ideas for humanising online teaching

Practical tips for calming student anxiety around online learning.

/ 5 May, 2021