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student in Active Learning Space

A student-centred look at Active Learning Spaces

Active Learning Spaces (C5A 430, C5A 435, W2.4A 2.300and E7B 163at Macquarie) are student-centered classrooms, designed to facilitate and promote student participation and engagement.  At Macquarie the spaces contain large, group-sized desks, each equipped with AV (moveable monitors and keyboard per table), which can...

/ 2 November, 2017

Pracademics – Teaching during the PHD

For this article we asked Learning Innovation Hub Senior Learning Designer and Teche regular Dr Lilia Mantai, who graduated on 21 September 2017 with a PhD on doctoral education (very meta) at Macquarie.

/ 3 October, 2017
Lilia Mantai graduation - Photo by Michael Garganera

Pracademics – Teaching during the PHD

"One’s networks and communities, friends, family and colleagues all contribute to how one develops and views themselves as a researcher."

/ 3 October, 2017
Bowling ball hitting pins - Photo by Michael Garganera

Have You Lost Momentum?

"Have I lost momentum in my career, and life in general? And if so, how do I get these proverbial balls rolling again?"

/ 14 September, 2017

Designing Classroom Interaction with Digital Technology

Although student participation and engagement doesn't necessarily equal learning, we know that active learning strategies promote learning.

/ 12 September, 2017

Teaching With Cultural Diversity

In this post, we draw attention to the impact of diversity on learning and teaching and provide some suggestions on how to incorporate more awareness and understanding into your practice.

/ 31 August, 2017
John Croucher. Photo by Michael Garganera

Professors Profess: John S. Croucher

There were two overhead projectors spaced about ten metres apart and I had to go from one to the other as I wrote my words of wisdom on them. I soon became very fit!

/ 30 August, 2017
Student walking on a path - Photo by Mike Catabay for Learning Innovation Hub

We Were All First Years Once

"The transition from school to the real world is a big one, and there are things that I now take for granted that were so foreign to me in the early days."

/ 24 August, 2017

How Well Do You Know Your International Students?

If Macquarie Learning & Teaching staff increase their awareness of the experience of international students, and know where to find support, as a community we can foster a positive learning environment for over 20% of our cohort.

/ 24 August, 2017