We’re pausing Foundations in Learning and Teaching (FiLT) in 2018, so that we can redevelop and renew this major professional learning program.

In the meantime, we’ve received approval from the Pro Vice Chancellor Learning and Teaching to refer staff looking for professional development in teaching to this Open Access course – ‘Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching‘, convened and curated by Swinburne, with individual modules and content contributed by a number of Australian universities, including Macquarie (by Agnes Bosanquet and Cathy Rytmeister). Advantages to participating in this course are that you can complete it in your own time, it provides an introduction to Learning and Teaching in Higher Education in the Australian context, and provides a range of examples of learning and teaching strategies. The discussion forums within this course are also particularly informative.

Some of us in the LIH and others across Macquarie will be participating in this course, evaluating it for possible inclusion in the new program we’re putting together under the Professional Learning and Recognition (PLR) Framework, which will incorporate new FiLT and any other PLR activities taking place in and outside the faculties.

Enrol in the course here. We would welcome feedback from other Macquarie-based participants on how useful they found this course for their own professional development in Higher Education teaching.

FiLT might be on pause, but the Teaching Induction Program (TIP) is still running throughout 2018. If you are new to teaching, contact your Faculty’s Learning and Teaching team for details on how to enrol in TIP this year.

Posted by Karina Luzia

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