Here are the top 5 issues discussed at last Academic Senate meeting for 2017:

1) University Medal Policy & Procedure

At the last Senate meeting, Senate approved the new policy and procedure, which now takes our new MRes structure into account. You can find all the details on the University Medal Policy page.

2) Academic Honesty Policy

The Academic Honesty Policy is under review and was discussed at the last Senate meeting. It will come to the February 20 meeting for approval.

3) Developing a Shared Model for Academic Governance

This is a key Senate project that will roll into 2018. At the last Senate meeting we approved a list of decisions that are currently sitting with Senate and with Senate committees as suitable to move to Faculty boards or Faculty executive. Senate approved the next phase of this project which is the development of standards, guidance, training and communication system to allow Faculties to manage these decisions.

4) Senate Purpose and Composition

This is another Senate project that will continue in 2018. The aim is to clarify the role of Senate and Senators through the Senate rules.

5) Senate projects for 2018

At the last Senate meeting we discussed the work for 2018, the projects that are continuing from 2017 to 2018 and new projects that will start in 2018. The list of 2018 project will be approved at the February Senate meeting.

The detailed minutes are available on the Academic Senate homepage.

The next Senate meeting is on February 20th, from 9:30 and all staff are welcome to attend as observers – please email

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