At this time of year, we’re all paddling hard so we’re hoping this checklist (with key links) will help you to glide smoothly into the start of session.

Know the key teaching dates for Session 2

Publish your unit guide

  • Unit guides are due to be finalised and published by 10th July 2023 (2 weeks prior to the start of session).

Get your iLearn unit ready

Get some help with using iLearn and other learning technologies

  • iLearn, our learning management system, was upgraded to a new version on 1st July. Discover what’s new in iLearn and access comprehensive training and support. There’s a series of facilitated workshops and self-paced modules available to help you use MQ teaching tools such as iLearn , Gradebook, Turnitin Feedback Studio, Rubrics, Echo360 as well as information on where to seek help.
  • You can also seek customised support for iLearn from your Faculty Learning Design Team.
  • Don’t ignore PowerPoint as a tool for learning – avoid ‘death by PowerPoint’ and ensure you create presentations that enhance the learning of your students. Learn how in this new Design for PowerPoint self-paced module available now via iLearn.

Find your classes and rooms

  • Find out when and where you are teaching (class days/times and room location) and what facilities are available in the space by accessing the Timetable System.

Get up to speed with the technology in your teaching spaces

Find out about new iLearn Insights features (and get help)

Calm your nerves about teaching your first class

Welcome your students to the unit, and to Macquarie.

  • What will you do to welcome students and engage and motivate their learning? Here are 3 strategies.
  • Help new commencing undergraduate students get off to a good start – make sure they know about MQ’s KickStart program of activities (running from 17 – 25 July).

Plan for contingencies

Ensure you have this information to hand for your students at the start of session:

Connect your students with support

Make sure you and your students are aware of all the support services that are available. There’s everything from writing, numeracy and Wellbeing support to accessing affordable food and help finding accommodation. Click on the drop down below for all the information and links.

Connecting your students with support
  • Students who start the session late
    Can get all the information they need to kickstart their student journey at Kickstart Plus.
    Every Tuesday to Thursday (until 18 August) 10am – 2pm (with free lunch available from 12)
    Rooms 231 and 234, 23 Wally’s Walk. More information and registration.
  • PACE, learning and careers support
    Students can drop in and chat to our experts at Learning Connect. Learning Connect is on the ground floor of 18 Wally’s Walk and is staffed by our Careers, PACE and Learning Support experts.
  • General support
    Students can find answers to frequently asked questions at AskMQ or can drop into 18 Wally’s Walk and chat to Service Connect.
  • Academic support workshops
    Run by the Writing Centre and the Library these free academic workshops provide meaningful learning opportunities to develop the skills students need to succeed at university and in the workplace.
  • Becoming job ready
    The free MQ Employability Programs enhance graduate employability by helping students develop their skills and create a career plan. Registration for session 2 programs closes 28 July.
  • Improving academic writing skills
    You can submit an online referral that connects a students with a Learning Advisor for a free individual consultation.
  • Gaining skill with numbers
    The Numeracy Centre has a number of free programs and workshops students can engage with.
  • Practising Australian English for academic and professional contexts
    Students can register to attend the English Discussion Groups that run every Mondays and Wednesdays @2pm @Learning Connect (Ground floor of 18 Wally’s Walk).
  • Accessing wellbeing support
    You can submit a CARE report if you have concerns for a student’s wellbeing or the student can submit it themselves. Students can also manage their wellbeing using our free MQWellbeing app or can connect with online support from their peers via the free TalkCampus app
  • Accessing affordable healthy food on campus
    $5 soup and bread for students from 25 July to 25 august. 250 serves a day available at all U@MQ outlets (ESC, Picolo Lane, Library cafe). Different flavours available at each outlet with vegetarian and halal varieties available.
  • Help with time management
    Students can use the time management module in iLearn to get a personalised time management plan.
  • Organising their study and assessments
    Students can use MyLearn to organise their study, keep up with learning activities and assessment tasks, monitor progress and gain insights into their study patterns.
  • Managing their sexual health
    There will be free, confidential, sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing for students on 25 July. The testing will be set up on the bottom floor of 18 Wally’s Walk. More information can be found in the student newsletter. No registration required.
  • Help finding accommodation
    Students struggling to find accommodation can drop into our accommodation pop up in 18 Wally’s Walk in the first week of session.

Students can access all of this information by navigating from our current student landing page and by checking their MQ student email inbox every Monday for their student newsletter The Macquarie Feed.

Let tutors/sessional staff know about the teaching development that is available for them

Make teaching development part of your game plan this year

  • Whether you’re new to teaching at MQ, an experienced teacher wanting some technology tips, or you’re ready to undertake some more structured professional learning – here is where you will find support to achieve your teaching development goals with facilitated and self-paced programs, workshops and resources.

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