From 2022 a university-wide iLearn Template and a set of MQ Online Learning Standards were implemented in response to student feedback about improving the consistency of their online learning experience.  

Students told us they wanted to clearly see who the teaching staff were in their unit and how to contact them.  

I find it so valuable to see the face of my tutor on iLearn. It feels like there is actually a person there behind the unit teaching us, not just some empty space.

I want to know the best way to contact my Unit Convenor if I have a question.

Until now this has meant unit convenors had to build their own unit contacts block in iLearn from scratch and waste valuable time trying to make it look good. On top of this it had to be updated every session if the teaching staff changed. 

No formatting frustration anymore…. Introducing the new Unit Contacts block developed by us for us here at MQ! 

Screenshot of Unit Contacts block in an iLearn unit 

What are the benefits of adding the new Unit Contacts block?

  • Automatically draw in all teaching staff enrolled in your iLearn unit along with their profile picture
  • You select who appears and where
  • Customisable displays
  • Collapsible/expandable section for tutors in large units
  • Students can clearly see all their teachers

How do I add the Unit Contacts block in my iLearn unit?

1. Click Turn editing on.

2. Locate Add a block on the right-hand side of your unit at the bottom of all existing blocks.

3. Use the dropdown menu to select the Unit Contacts block.

4. The Unit contacts block will appear at the bottom of the right-hand column of the unit.

For full details about how to configure the block, see the Add a Unit Contacts Block quick guide.  

Can I choose which staff members appear in the Unit Contacts block?

Yes, you can easily select which staff members appear and in what order. The Add a Unit Contacts Block quick guide shows how to do this.

What information can be included in the Unit Contacts block?

The following fields are available by default for you to show/hide, but you can edit these or add your own custom fields if you wish:

  • Contact via (if you are using the Dialogue tool)
  • Role
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Mobile
  • Contact URL
  • Location
  • Research Profile
  • Office Location
  • Contact Hours

I have a large unit with several tutors, will the block be huge and take over my whole unit?

No, to save space all staff members you list as ‘secondary contacts’ will appear in the expandable section at the bottom of the block. See the Add a Unit Contacts Block quick guide on how to do it.

Screenshot showing collapsed Unit Contacts block:

Students click on ‘Teaching Team’ to expand the block and see all teaching staff: 

How do I get staff photos into the Unit Contacts block? 

The block will automatically draw in the iLearn profile picture for all staff listed in the Unit Contacts block. Make sure all members of the teaching team add their profile picture to their iLearn profile and the magic will happen. See the iLearn Profile quick guide on how to edit your profile and add a photo. 

Need help? 

Follow the steps in the Add a Unit Contacts Block quick guide. 


Come along to the iLearn Drop-in Clinic 13 – 28 July 2022 

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All screenshots provided by Amanda Parker

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