Month: May 2023

Exciting news for undergraduate research at Macquarie: We’re now ACUR members!

As a member of the Australasian Council for Undergraduate Research, we unlock opportunities to foster, showcase and acknowledge the remarkable research undertaken by our undergraduate students.

/ 31 May, 2023

iLearn will be upgraded to a new version in July

Some things change, some stay the same: Here's what to expect.

/ 31 May, 2023

Beginning to Teach: register now for our November intake

An introductory teaching program with a practical focus for those who are just starting or have a couple of sessions of university teaching under their belt.

/ 30 May, 2023

Share insights, spark discussions, inspire others – write for TECHE

Have you been experimenting with new approaches to your teaching and learning? Got a success story or lessons learned to share with colleagues? If so, we want to hear from you!

/ 26 May, 2023

Mudang-Dali Indigenous Connected Curriculum Panel

An invitation to all staff to the Mudang-Dali Indigenous Connected Curriculum Panel on 6 June 2023.

/ 25 May, 2023

Collaborative learning: Harnessing student interactions for deep learning

The Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching MOOC provides practical ideas for collaborative learning activities in the classroom.

/ 23 May, 2023

Academic Senate Top 5, 28th March, 2023 

Macquarie University's Academic Senate convened for its second meeting of the year on March 28th. Check out the top 5 items from this meeting.

/ 21 May, 2023

Educating for Success: How to design and deliver future-oriented assessments

Recapping the highlights from our recent Educating for Success event.

/ 19 May, 2023
Coloured hands holding cogs

We can all be leaders of learning and teaching

While you may not be in a formal leadership role, you may still be a leader of learning and teaching

/ 18 May, 2023