We’re inviting TECHE readers to become TECHE writers, and join the mission to recognise, share, and celebrate our good practice in learning and teaching across the University.

If you’ve been trying something new in your teaching, have a case study to share, discovered something that’s working for you and your students (or even if it didn’t work, but you have an idea about what might work next time) we’d like to know about it!

TECHE is a platform to showcase MQ learning and teaching practice, engage with diverse, disciplinary perspectives and feedback, learn from peers, and advance professional learning and development as university educators. We connect readers with a wide and diverse audience of academic and professional educators, learners, and supporters within and beyond the University, with the aim of enhancing our teaching and learning, and fostering a supportive and collaborative L&T community, all while being an up-to-date source on what’s happening in learning and teaching at MQ – and beyond!

Now we want to hear from YOU. After all, it’s your insights, experiences, ideas, and stories about teaching that help make TECHE a valuable and engaging resource for all. So, whether you have a finished article, a draft, or just an idea, we’d welcome contributions on any aspect of your teaching and learning. We are looking for submissions that reflect your unique voice and approaches to learning and teaching, that are scholarly, reflective, instructional, or technical (or anything in between!).

So, don’t hesitate! Get in touch now and let’s showcase the excellent work in learning and teaching at Macquarie!

Interested? Contact us – we can help make it happen! teche@mq.edu.au

Here’s some recent examples of TECHE articles from across the campus for ideas and inspiration:

Email us at teche.mq.edu.au

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