Month: February 2022

Knock-knock! Will you open the door to your classroom?

There's staff lining up ready to observe teaching practice.

/ 8 February, 2022

Combined Zoom participation reporting in iLearn Insights

Find out how many Zoom sessions each student participated in, and for how long, by running this new summary report.

/ 4 February, 2022
Astronaut floating in space above Earth

How to achieve student success with EdTech: new partnership with Forage leads the way

Paul Somers and Dr Shazia K Jan look at how a partnership collectively pushes the boundaries between higher education and EdTech to address a long-standing and common problem.

/ 4 February, 2022

Is your iLearn unit template ready? 5 simple steps to have it set up in no time

From S1, your iLearn unit should be laid out according to the MQ Online Learning Standards.

/ 4 February, 2022

2021 Judyth Sachs PACE Prizes are now open

Nominate a PACE staff member or a PACE Partner today!

/ 4 February, 2022

Slice and dice your recordings with Echo360

The new improved Echo360 video editor lets you edit your videos like a pro!

/ 1 February, 2022