iLearn Insights has a new report called ‘Combined Zoom participation’. This report allows you to view a neat summary of all student’s participation across all the Zoom sessions for your unit, giving a total for the number of Zooms each student participated in, together with the number of minutes they participated for each meeting. 

Track student attendance at Zoom meetings across the whole session

I use the combined zoom report as a way to track student attendance to Zoom tutorials for a whole session. This saves me so much time – I don’t need to download individual reports and try to match them up. In just a few clicks I can get a clear sense of student engagement in these online activities. One other bonus – if a student needs to attend a different tutorial just for one week – this is all captured in the combined zoom report.

Morwenna Kirwan, Senior Teaching Fellow, Health Sciences

An important step to make this report work:

To use this report, you need to first view a Zoom meeting using the ‘Zoom participation’ report within 30 days of the meeting date. Viewing a meeting using the ‘Zoom participation’ report will save data to the iLearn Insights database for you to view later using the ‘Combined Zoom participation’ report. This will eliminate the potential issue where if Zoom updates something on their side, iLearn insights can only read the last 30 days of meeting data.

“If you feel your meeting data is important and you might need to view it later, please ensure you view it using the ‘Zoom participation’ report within 30 days of the meeting date.”

Here’s how to access and set up the report:

The ‘Combined Zoom participation’ report can be accessed from the Zoom menu at the top of the page:

If you are accessing the ‘Combined Zoom participation’ report for the first time you need to set up all Zoom meetings that you want to report on as a combined report. This can be done by clicking ‘Setup Zoom reports’ as shown below:

To set up a ‘Combined Zoom participation’ report, please select all the saved Zoom reports you want to view as a combined report.
Once you have selected all the Zoom meetings, click on the ‘Back to combined zoom participation report >>’ link to view the report.

The ‘Combined Zoom participation’ report displays a summary of total attendance for each student. It also shows ‘minutes participated’ for all selected Zoom meetings. As the column width is small, the meeting date and time is the column heading. You can view the full Zoom meeting topic by placing the cursor on the column heading.

The combined Zoom report came in handy when assessing each student’s participation together with their class performance at the end of the session. It saved us a considerable amount of time and labour since it only takes a quick glance to see each individual record. 

Chavalin Svetanant, Senior Lecturer, Languages & Cultures

Initiative thanks to:

  • Nikola Balnave, Associate Professor, Public Sector and Not-for-Profit Employment and Management
  • Morwenna Kirwan, Senior Teaching Fellow, Physiotherapy Department Operations & Teaching
  • Claudia Chau, Teaching Assistant, Accounting & Corporate Governance Staff
  • Chavalin Svetanant, Senior Lecturer, Languages & Cultures

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I missed viewing a meeting using the ‘Zoom participation’ report within 30 days of the meeting date. Can I still add it to the ‘Combined Zoom participation’ report?

A: You can email the meeting ID and meeting date to and he can try to add it manually. Please note that this will be a manual process, so it is preferable to please try to view it once within 30 days of the meeting date. 

Q2. I viewed a meeting using the ‘Zoom participation’ report within 30 days of the meeting date, but I can’t see it within the Combined Zoom meeting settings page to select. What should I do?

A: iLearn insights will only save meeting data if ‘Participants identified as enrolled student’ is greater than Zero or if iLearn insights can read the Zoom meeting title. If you feel both are true for your meeting and it has still not saved meeting data in the iLearn insights database, please email with meeting ID and preferably full url.

Q3. Why are all ‘minutes participated’ numbers showing in green? 

A: There is a plan to add the ‘minimum required participation time’ for each Zoom meeting within the ‘Combined Zoom meeting settings’ page. In this way, a unit convenor can add a desired minimum participation time, and if anyone attends below minimum participation time, then that can be displayed as red. Now for all Zoom meetings, minimum participation time is Zero. 

While it has become easier for us to just download the zoom attendance reports instead of manually taking the roll since we have zoom classes, it’s still rather an onerous process to manually download each zoom meeting report every week. The Combined Zoom Participation Report on iLearn Insights saves so much time and reduces manual errors for everyone! Once the zoom meetings are set up, we can simply select the zoom meetings that we want to include in the combined attendance report. We can filter the combined report by any group or class. This feature will become even more powerful as I understand that the team is now working on finetuning this feature to allow exporting the combined report in CSV or Excel format. Anyone who would like to get an overview of the zoom attendance should definitely try out the Combined Zoom Participation Report. A big thank you to the Learning Analytics team for creating this transformational feature!

Claudia Chau, Teaching Assistant, Accounting & Corporate Governance

For information about all of the new iLearn Insights features now available read this Summary of iLearn Insights new functionality S1 2022.

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