iLearn OU Blog activity participation report in iLearn insights can be accessed from Unit > ‘OU blog details’ menu. This report displays the following information about a student:

  • Posted within last 7 days (yes or no)
  • Last post date
  • Number of posts
  • Number of comments

This report can be filtered to view:

  • all students who posted within the last 7 days
  • all students who have not posted within the last 7 days
  • all students posted within a certain number of expected post
  • all students commented within a certain number of expected comments

Initiative and thanks to Sarah Keith, Dept of Media, Music, Comm. & Cultural Studies

In MMCC2090 students are required to post to the OU Blog once each week, responding to a set activity on that week’s topic. They are also required to comment on two other students’ responses. This activity constitutes an assessment (Active iLearn Engagement). I have used the OU Blog participation report to find out which students are falling behind with this assessment, and send targeted e-mails reminding them that they need to post every week. It has been a really helpful way to quickly identify students at risk of failing this assessment.

Dr Sarah Keith 
FHEA  ⋮  Senior Lecturer in Media and Music  ⋮  MMCCS Director of Learning & Teaching (Quality and Standards)

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Shamim Joarder has worked for various educational institutions since 2001. His eLearning journey began in 2009 working as an eLearning Project Manager at the University of Adelaide. Mr. Joarder currently works at Macquarie University, Sydney as Senior Learning Analytics Adviser, where he has designed and developed two unique learning analytic applications titled 'iLearn insights' and 'MyLearn'. He has also authored the book 'Moodle eLearning Course Design: A Flexible Approach'. He is a 2019 ASCILITE Innovation Award and 2021 Vice Chancellor's Learning Innovation award Winner.

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