There are two ways to view SCORM activity participation in iLearn insights:

  • View students who have not accessed a SCORM activity
  • Summarise all SCORM activities as a single report for a unit

View students who have not accessed a SCORM activity

A list of students who have not accessed a SCORM activity can be viewed by selecting a SCORM activity title from Unit > ‘Students who have not accessed a resource’ menu. Bulk email functionality has also been added to this report to send a personalised bulk email to all students who have not accessed a SCORM activity.

This will display a list of students who have not yet accessed a SCORM activity.

Summarise all SCORM activities as a single report for a unit

A summary of all SCORM activities as a single report for a unit can be viewed from Unit > ‘SCORM Report’ menu. Summary of each SCORM activity report includes the number of students:

  • Not attempted
  • Incomplete
  • Passed
  • Completed

It also includes some other key information such as the total number of users accessed a SCORM activity as well as the total duration all students collectively spent on a SCORM activity.

The SCORM activity report also show individual students as shown below:

Initiative and thanks to Morwenna Kirwan, FMHHS Admin & Operation

In PHYT2000 I email my students prior to each tutorial (fortnightly), nudging them to complete their online modules.  The SCORM participation report helps identify those that have not completed the module and I write them a personal reminder email – a prompt, which they appreciate and which ensures more students are engaging in the unit content prior to tutorials.

Dr Morwenna Kirwan | Senior Teaching Fellow | Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences 
Senior Fellow, Higher Education Academy

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