Forum participation report in iLearn insights can be accessed from Forum > ‘Forum participation’ menu.

This report displays the following information for a student:

  • Discussion started: Number of times a student started a discussion
  • Reply count: Number of times a student replied to one or more discussions
  • Discussion read: Number of discussions read by a student
  • Reply read: Number of times a student read a reply
  • Total discussion: Total number of discussions in a forum
  • Total reply: Total number of replies in a forum

Initiative and thanks to Vida Siahtiri, Department of Marketing and Ayse Bilgin, Dept of Mathematics and Statistics

We make many announcements in iLearn to inform students about important issues, milestones. In my unit, there are more than 1,000 students, it is hard to know the students therefore I do my best to keep students engaged with their learning by making regular announcements, usually one or two per week. Since announcement is a forum, I wanted to know how many of the students are reading them. That is why forum participation is important for me.

A/Prof Ayse Aysin Bombaci Bilgin | Department of Mathematics and Statistics | Faculty of Science and Engineering

Export ‘forum participation’ in CSV format

‘Download data as CSV’ button added to the ‘Forum Participation’ report to export all data in CSV format.

Initiative and thanks to Marina Junqueira Santiago, Department of Biomedical Sciences

Due to COVID-19, group assessments which used to be delivered during tutorials were shifted to pre-recorded presentations. Part of the individual component of these group assessments is to watch and peer-review presentations. I used the forums so students could post their video and peers could write constructive feedback comments. Counting the comments and making sure students added the number of required comments per post were a time-consuming task which was solved by the iLearn insights Forum participation report. With this great tool, I was able to easily determine the number of forum posts and made sure students met the minimum requirements. By being able to download it I could use excel to identify students who did not meet the requirement without having to search through the data; especially helpful with a large number of students.

Marina Junqueira Santiago | Lecturer | Biomedical General

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Posted by Shamim Joarder

Shamim Joarder has worked for various educational institutions since 2001. His eLearning journey began in 2009 working as an eLearning Project Manager at the University of Adelaide. Mr. Joarder currently works at Macquarie University, Sydney as Senior Learning Analytics Adviser, where he has designed and developed two unique learning analytic applications titled 'iLearn insights' and 'MyLearn'. He has also authored the book 'Moodle eLearning Course Design: A Flexible Approach'. Mr. Joarder received numerous accolades, including awarded silver at the QS Reimagine Education Awards 2023 in Abu Dhabi under the Regional (Oceania) award category, 2022 ACODE and CAUDIT Award for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, and was a finalist in the 2022 AFR Higher Education Excellence Awards. His work was first recognised in Singapore at the ASCILITE 2019 conference by winning the ASCILITE award for innovation. He also won 2021 Vice Chancellor's Learning Innovation award at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.


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