The wait is over! Easily access all the information needed to advise students, run your own class or course lists, obtain transcripts, and view lecture and tutorial activity information for your unit – all in one place and with OneID access. Unit Convenors and Course Directors will find this a valuable resource.

What is MyAcademic?

MyAcademic allows staff to search for course, unit and student information. It is a read-only application to view data from the current student management system (AMIS). Essentially, it’s redesigned version of the existing eAcademic platform but with an enhanced ‘look and feel,’ as well as some additional information and functionality.

You can create and apply Tags to search results for quick access to data.

What information is available? 

The information is organised under 5 tiles on the MyAcademic home page. The main functions of each are outlined below. 

Tile 1: Students

Search by name or student ID to view information: course and unit enrolment, contact details and comments including outcomes of individual cases or any RPL or exemptions granted.

Tile 2: Curriculum 

Search course and unit information based on approved data from the MQ Curriculum Management System (MQCMS). 

Tile 3: Curriculum delivery

View the available offerings for a course or unit, number of students enrolled/planned/withdrawn, obtain a class list of students to export as an excel file or pdf (you can customise the columns that you see and print).

Tile 4: Sessions

Search for your unit and view all the scheduled activities such as tutorials, lectures, workshops etc. You can personalise this view and group information to see just the tutes you are teaching and then tag them. This data is from AMIS and shows room numbers and tutorial/class dates, times and location along with the status of the class – whether it is scheduled or on hold etc.

Tile 5: Academic record

Run and download an internal transcript – just put in the Student ID. Or, if you don’t know the ID, then go to Student tile first to search for the student and identify the ID.

Other reports available allow you to search by course or unit to find all the students admitted to a course or unit.

The User guide will show you the full potential of this platform

Take a look at the MyAcademic user guide available in the Wiki and you will see all the functionality, customisation and reports that are possible.

Access MyAcademic 

Here is the link to access MyAcademic 

If you previously had a role in eAcademic then you will have been given access already.

If you don’t already have access, you can request access to MyAcademic by submitting a OneHelp ticket. As part of the back-end approval process, an email will automatically be sent to your manager to seek approval for your access to MyAcademic.

Register for a MyAcademic training session via Zoom

Training sessions will be scheduled on an as-needed basis, and staff can register by submitting a MyAcademic Training Registration Form.

Both MyAcademic and eAcademic (the current platform) are available to use, but the focus will shift to maturing, supporting and enhancing MyAcademic on an on-going basis. We encourage staff to use this time to attend an online training session for MyAcademic to assist in their transition out from eAcademic.

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