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Surviving and managing marking

Here are some helpful tips on how to manage intense marking periods and stay sane

/ 25 May, 2017
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Ten Easy Ways To Put Research And Inquiry Into Units (1/10)

This series of posts presents ten simple ways you can adjust your units, or parts of your units, to develop students’ research skills and competencies, which you can adapt to suit your particular context. Sometimes simply knowing where to start is the difficult...

/ 25 May, 2017
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Spotlight on giving and receiving feedback

Feedback is only efficient, however, if it’s communicated and presented appropriately.

/ 16 May, 2017
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Communicating Assessment Requirements To Students

Macquarie University expects its teaching staff and students to be familiar with its assessment policy. Here are 7 points of the policy you need to know, follow and communicate to your students. Assessment is standards-based. The policy suggests you should provide...

/ 12 April, 2017