You know the old sales adage that for every one customer that makes a complaint, at least ten others have the same issue but have stayed silent? Well, just in case the same 1:10 ratio applies to professional development requests, we’re taking the most common queries we receive in L&T Staff Development, and asking TECHE readers and their colleagues to help us build collective MQ-based resources – both for those who have made a request, and for those who have similar needs, but have remained quiet. First up in our donation drive: RUBRICS.

One of the most common requests we receive in L&T Development is around rubrics: developing and (re)designing them, guidelines for using them, rubrics for specific types of assessment, and how to co-develop rubrics with students.

We also receive MANY requests for examples of ‘good’ rubrics – and sometimes, for rubrics that are “better than the ones I inherited with this unit”.  

So now we’re putting together a collective resource, essentially, a ‘Rubric Repository’ – and we’re now running a donation drive, asking TECHE readers to DONATE rubrics that they, colleagues, and/or students have used, that have stood the test of time, or that have been particularly useful for specific types of assessment. Rubrics co-developed with students (or recommended by students) are particularly welcome.

Access to the Rubrics Repository is available HERE to be accessed through our new PLaCE Resources portal (coming soon!)

How to donate your rubric: 

  1. Locate the rubric/s you want to share. 
  2. Attach the rubrics to an email. 
  3. (Optional but welcome) Include some basic information in the email: who uses the attached rubric/s; for what assessment task/s; in what unit/s; and any other info you think might be useful for others wanting to use and adapt for their own purposes. (This information will be included with the rubric in the repository) 
  4. Send the email to 

You are also welcome to drop off your donation in the form of a link to an online rubric in the comments below.

We’ll set up your rubric along with any additional information provided in the repository and we’ll let you know when it’s available to view. 

That’s it! And on behalf of the vocal ones and the silent ten*, thank you very much for your donation!

*Although, according to this, for every one complaint, there’s 26 similarly dissatisfied but silent others (eek!).

A reminder too that there’s a Quick Guide for using rubrics in iLearn and with Turnitin Feedback studio:

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The Learning and Teaching Staff Development team works with staff across the University to ensure they are supported to facilitate quality learning for students. This includes offering professional development, contributing to curriculum and assessment design, recognising and rewarding good practice, supporting peer review of teaching, and leading scholarly reflection. Email with questions or requests.

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