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iLearn. Sigh. #justaskbev

There is no type of rubric I have not mastered – a standard (weighted) rubric, a custom rubric, or a qualitative rubric! I am, however, completely confounded by the fact that my rubric is never attached to assignments in the Feedback...

/ 14 September, 2017
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iLearn. Sigh. #justaskbev

Dear Bev, I go to great lengths to give my students critical concise feedback on their assessments. I follow the university’s evidence-based procedure (examples). I just don’t see any sign that my students are reading the feedback I give them, let alone addressing...

/ 14 September, 2017
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Surviving and managing marking

Here are some helpful tips on how to manage intense marking periods and stay sane

/ 25 May, 2017
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Communicating Assessment Requirements To Students

Macquarie University expects its teaching staff and students to be familiar with its assessment policy. Here are 7 points of the policy you need to know, follow and communicate to your students. Assessment is standards-based. The policy suggests you should provide...

/ 12 April, 2017