Dear Bev,

I have become a super efficient rubric creator for Turnitin assignments. There is no type of rubric I have not mastered – a standard (weighted) rubric, a custom rubric, or a qualitative rubric! I am, however, completely confounded by the fact that my rubric is never attached to assignments in the Feedback Studio when it’s time to start marking – even though I attach it in the Rubric Manager in iLearn!! What’s going on!?

Rubric Renegade

Dear Rubric Renegade,

Great to hear you’ve tamed the types of Turnitin rubrics!

You’ll find the steps to attach your rubric to assignments in the Feedback Studio a breeze!

  1. Attach a rubric
  2. Other Tips

1. Attach a rubric

a) View your Turnitin assignment and click on the first student submission to open the Feedback Studio

(b) In the Feedback Studio, open the marker’s tool panel (at right), select the rubric icon to display the rubric tools, then click on the cog/wheel icon to view rubric settings:

Turnitin Feedback Studio’s Marker Tools Panel

c) In the pop-window that appears, click on the menu / burger icon (at top left) and select your rubric from the drop-down list, click on the toggle button (at bottom left) to attach the rubric to the assignment, then click on close (at bottom right):

Turnitin Feedback Studio Rubric Settings

Voila! Your rubric is attached to all submissions for this assignment.

2. Other Feedback Studio Tips

(a) New to marking with the Turnitin Feedback Studio?

Practice using the marker’s tools in a live demo of the Feedback Studio.

Practice in a live version of the Feedback Studio with a sample paper

You should also save our Feedback Studio Marker’s Tools Cheat Sheet (see below):

Save our image of the Marker’s Tools Cheat Sheet

(b) Are you using the MQ evidence-based feedback procedure?

Check out the final feedback summary procedure and examples in the Official MQ Staff Guidelines, or download our Feedback Procedure cheat sheet:

MQ Feedback Procedure

(c) Engage the student-teacher connection with an audio comment

Research shows that:

– students prefer to listen to feedback – clearly where encouraging tones are better communicated than in text


– markers find it saves more time than typing comments!

So there you have it, Rubric Renegade!

If you need back up, give us a shout: or

Posted by Beverley Miles

Beverley is a Senior Learning Designer in the Academy of Continuing Professional Development in Education, Faculty of Arts. She is the founder of the Macquarie Undergraduate Research Internship (MURI), co-director of the Telemachus Ancient History Mentor Program (Tele's Angels), and member of the Archaeology of Death and Burial TV team led by A/Prof Ronika Power – bringing digital multimodal text types to assessment with Adobe Education.

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