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The FoHS Grant Process

Hurry! There is not much time left to apply for a Strategic Priority Grant. Here’s the FoHS process: Applications for Strategic Priority Grants are now open for projects of 6 and 3 month duration. If you have a project in...

/ 28 February, 2018

Live streaming for FoHS Staff: What you need to know

A quick reminder on the roll out of live lecture streaming in the Faculty of Human Sciences in Session 1, 2018.

/ 15 February, 2018

Success in Strategic Priority Grants

In the Faculty of Human Sciences, a number of exciting new L&T projects have been made possible through the awarding of Strategic Priority Grants for 2018.

/ 2 February, 2018
Door with 'Macquarie University Exam session 2' sign on the front

What’s The FHS Process For Session 2 Exams?

Here’s an overview of the main need to know’s for Faculty of Human Sciences Exams…… Exam meetings in the Departments Moderation of assessments should have been taking place throughout the unit offering this session. Recommended that program based committee meetings...

/ 23 November, 2017

New Special Consideration Policy, From Session 3

The current Disruption to Studies (DTS) process is being replaced with a new Special Consideration policy which takes effect from Session 3 (4th December 2017).

/ 23 November, 2017

FHS Teacher Of The Week:Tracy Worthington

Dr Tracy Worthington is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Educational Studies I was born in North Ryde, so I’m excited that this past July my life and career brought me back full circle to here thanks to my...

/ 23 November, 2017