Ensuring our students can use generative artificial intelligence tools appropriately is essential for fostering academic integrity and assuring their learning.

The Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences (FMHHS) recognised the importance of providing students with pragmatic guidance regarding the responsible use of these tools in their learning and assessments.

To achieve this, Morwenna Kirwan, in consultation with the FMHHS Deputy Dean of Education and Employability, the Associate Deans, Directors of Education, and Academic Integrity Officers, created the interactive and engaging “How to Use Artificial Intelligence Tools with Academic Integrity” micro-module for students.

Since its launch in late May 2023 this micro-module has been completed by over 630 students and staff in FMHHS.

This micro-module is hosted on the FMHHS Connected Curriculum for Professionals in Health platform, which serves as a centralised repository of cross-disciplinary modules accessible to all students for the duration of their studies. The module is promoted to FMHHS students via a floating side block in iLearn. Several courses within FMHHS have embedded this micro-module into their curriculum.

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In the 5 minutes it takes a student to complete the module, they will discover how to:

* Responsibly use generative artificial intelligence tools to support learning while upholding academic integrity.
* Appropriately acknowledge and reference the use of generative artificial intelligence tools in assessments.
* Recognise situations where the use of generative artificial intelligence tools is not appropriate.

The micro-module is available for TECHE readers to view

Click on the image to the right to access the module How to use Artificial Intelligence Tools with Academic Integrity (in iLearn).

Here’s what staff have to say about the module

This micro-module is an invaluable resource that has supported the School of Psychological Sciences staff understanding of how students can use AI tools responsibly to support their learning.

Professor Naomi Sweller – Director of Education, FMHHS

After providing students with this interactive micro-module, we have seen more academics educating students on responsible use of generative AI for their units. Students are certainly more conscious and making decisions to use this tool responsibly. In a number of units, I have seen students reference or acknowledge the exact contribution of its use in their assignments. This suggests that students are embracing our guidelines for using AI tools with academic integrity.

A/Prof Cliffton Chan, Academic Integrity Officer, FMHHS

We made a strategic decision to provide clear guidance for our students on how we expect them to engage with AI tools responsibly. This concise module aligns with our faculty’s position that we embrace the use of AI tools to support student learning when appropriate.

Prof Catherine Dean, Deputy Dean of Education & Employability, FMHHS

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Thanks to FMHHS for sharing this resource.
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