The concepts of Explore, Develop and Transition underpin how we see a student’s employability journey here at Macquarie.

The Careers and Student Employment Service has three Employability Programs to assist your students along this pathway. The programs cover career planning, skills development, and transitioning into a professional career. 

Through these programs, your students will not only gain skills and insight needed to get to the next stage, but they will also receive a micro-credential and recognition of completing the program on their Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement (AHEGS).

Registrations close on Friday 28 July, and spaces are limited!

Career Exploration Program (CEP)

This is a two-part workshop series for students to create and start their individual career plans. Students will be provided with a guide to use while pursuing further professional development. They will also have the opportunity to complete one virtual learning experience on professional skills-building through our partners at The Forage.

This program takes place in August only and is a perfect first step for students to improve their employability. 

Skills Development Program (SDP)

This is a five-part workshop series over the session that will help students develop and provide evidence of key employability skills sought after by employers across all industries. Students will have the chance to create or improve their digital portfolio (such as LinkedIn) while focussing on building skills such as self-awareness, growth mindset, communication skills, critical thinking, and more. 

This is a great middle step for students who already have a career plan in mind.

“If you’re looking for a light-hearted, fun, and engaging program to learn how you sell your employability skills to employers, the SDP program is made for you.”
Student attendee, Skills Development Program

Transition to Work Program (TWP)

This is a five-part workshop series over the course of the session which will teach students how to research career options and explore pathways, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, LinkedIn, online networking, transitioning into the workforce, and more. 

“Was offered an internship after a coffee meeting – 2 full-time job offers via LinkedIn. Gained greater confidence during the overall job application process, especially on resume and cover letter writing. I now have a better understanding of my values and how I can use them to help my career planning.”
Student attendee, Transition to Work Program

All workshops are interactive, delivered in-person on campus and must be attended in full to complete the program. There is additional pre and post-work that’s online or self-paced, and should only take a few hours.

For the Skills Development Program and Transition to Work programs, additional enrichment activities outside of the workshops will also need to be completed.

Registration for all three programs are open via Employability Connect until Friday 28 July. Spots are limited so register today! 

If your students have any questions, they can always visit our team at Learning Connect on the ground floor of 18 Wally’s Walk during business hours.

Employability and Graduate Faculty Request

Are you interested in having the Employability and Graduate Success team run career and employability-related activities in lectures or tutorials in S2?

Fill out our request form and a team member will be in contact to further discuss implementing your idea.

You can also find the Careers and Employability team at Learning Connect, on the ground floor of 18 Wally’s Walk (to the left of Service Connect) for any further questions or enquiries.

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