Update: As at 13 November 2023 the Indigenous Voice to Parliament microcredential is no longer open for enrolment.

About this microcredential

This year, Australia will witness an important milestone in our nation’s path to reconciliation. A referendum later this year will propose an Indigenous Voice to Parliament be enshrined in the Constitution. The intended outcome is to give First Nations people a strengthened voice in shaping policies and legislation concerning their communities.

Since Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s announcement on 30 July 2022, there has been much interest in what this means for First Nations people and the broader Australian population.

Universities hold a unique position in providing education and scholarship that inform our communities on social and political agendas. Macquarie University has taken this approach by creating opportunities in a culturally safe environment to promote and facilitate respectful discussions and considerations.

Given the diverse perspectives on this issue, we warmly welcome you to this module on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament. The module aims to provide a concise overview of the historical context that has brought us to this moment, explain the arguments presented by both sides of the debate and promote respectful discussion.

The module is neither politically motivated nor does it endorse any specific agenda or decision. Our primary goal is to offer a well-rounded perspective on the subject matter and ensure a fair presentation incorporating a wide range of viewpoints and considering the historical context surrounding the referendum on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

Key features:

  1. Approach the referendum from an educated standpoint
    Gain a well-informed understanding of the Indigenous Voice to Parliament, its historical background, and the ongoing efforts made by Indigenous advocates for recognition and representation.

2. Explore and consider diverse perspectives
Engage in open discussions about the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

3. Promote constructive and respectful conversations
Learn how to foster an inclusive environment where everyone can express their thoughts and ideas about the Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

4. Make an informed decision
Feel prepared to vote on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

Key dates: The online Indigenous Voice to Parliament microcredential is available from Monday 3 July.

Time commitment: 1–2 hours.

Course structure: To complete the microcredential, you’ll undertake self-directed online learning, including reading and watching videos. Ensure you attempt all knowledge checks as you progress through each module section. Once you complete the module, you’ll be given access to the final quiz. A digital certificate and badge of completion will be awarded once you achieve 100% on the final quiz.

Cost: Free

Who should undertake this microcredential? Anyone who seeks to approach the referendum from an informed perspective or wants to learn about the Indigenous Voice to Parliament and the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Registration now closed.

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