Month: March 2023

Academic Senate Top 5, 28th February, 2023  

Macquarie University's Academic Senate convened for its first meeting of the year on February 28th. Check out the top 5 items from this meeting.

/ 19 March, 2023

Teaching today’s diverse learners

The Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching MOOC challenges you to ensure that learning experiences are inclusive and equitable for all learners.

/ 10 March, 2023

Celebrating award-winning teaching: David Orsmond

Professor David Orsmond might hook his students into Economics by looking at its impact in their own lives - but it's his ability to make complex material accessible while equipping students with sought-after job skills that keeps students engaged and...

/ 10 March, 2023

Celebrating award-winning teaching: Anina Rich

According to her students, it's Professor Anina Rich's research into attention and information processing, combined with her passion for teaching that have made her a 'brilliant convenor and lecturer'.

/ 10 March, 2023

Your opportunity to observe teaching [and teachers] in action

Open for Observation: Experienced educators across the university are opening their classes for teaching & learning support colleagues to observe and learn.

/ 10 March, 2023

Planning for learning – set yourself and your students up for success

The Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching MOOC steps you through designing your teaching to support effective learning.

/ 7 March, 2023
two robots sitting at a table reading a book

Advising students about using and citing generative artificial intelligence for assessment

Advice for educators who are advising students about using and acknowledging generative artificial intelligence for assessment.

/ 6 March, 2023

From Quizzes to Essays: A Campus-Wide Assessment Update 

See what teachers across campus are doing to modify quizzes, essays, and other assessment tasks this session

/ 6 March, 2023

Teaching your first class

The Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching MOOC offers strategies to design, facilitate and reflect on your first teaching experience.

/ 6 March, 2023