Month: October 2022

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ABCs of pedagogy: E is for experiential learning

Building on constructivist principles where students are active participants in their learning.

/ 31 October, 2022

What makes a quality SOTL publication?

Experienced journal editors and reviewers advise what to do, and what not to do, when it comes to publishing papers about learning and teaching.

/ 21 October, 2022

New eStudent system is now live

Our newly upgraded system for student enrolments, class registrations, and viewing exam results is now live.

/ 20 October, 2022
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What does dynamic lecturing look like? Let’s see!

Ideas for adding activities to your lecture to prepare students for learning and help them to absorb and apply knowledge.

/ 19 October, 2022

Call Security if a student requires emergency support or care

This is the best way to get the right help for the student.

/ 18 October, 2022

Applications for the 2022 Professor Judyth Sachs PACE Prizes are now open!

Kickstart your students applications with an endorsement, or nominate an outstanding staff member or PACE partner!

/ 18 October, 2022

iLearn Insights wins at the 2022 CAUDIT Awards

ilearn Insights wins the Innovation in Teaching and Learning Award, for its success in addressing student engagement and learning support.

/ 17 October, 2022

Meet the finalists for the Vice-Chancellor’s Learning and Teaching Awards 2022

Join us in congratulating all Highly Commended Finalists in the running for the 2022 Vice-Chancellor’s Learning and Teaching Awards.

/ 17 October, 2022

Everything you wanted to know about ASQC but were too afraid to ask

Introducing the members of Academic Standards Quality Committee (ASQC), and the work they are currently undertaking.

/ 13 October, 2022