The Academic Standards Quality Committee (ASQC) has been established by the Academic Senate to provide advice and assurance on the quality and standards of award courses against internal and external quality indicators, legislation, and University rules and policies. ASQC also has oversight of certain academic matters for the Macquarie University College Subcommittee and acts as the Faculty Board for the College where the Subcommittee has not been provided with relevant authorisations.

ASQC plays a significant role in progressing curriculum proposals via the approval workflows in the MQ Curriculum Management System (CMS).

Current activities of the ASQC

Current projects and undertakings are guided by a project-based approach to planning its annual schedule of business, to fulfill its responsibilities. Current 2022 projects include:

  • Review of the principles of shared teaching (i.e. co-teaching, co-locating, and co-badging) regarding principles, monitoring and quality assurance.
  • Curriculum audit project: examining a random sample of units to assess the quality of submissions, and to review adherence to relevant policies and procedures.
  • Review of the 2016 Ratification of Results Quality Assurance Framework to determine alignment with the new Curriculum Lifecycle Policy Suite.
  • Review of Admission Policy/ Procedures, Course Transfer (Undergraduate Coursework) Policy and Procedure and development of policy on Exit Awards. This review is led by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Programs and Pathways).
  • Review of Curriculum Architecture Policy and Schedules the project has a wider scope and is led by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) and the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Programs and Pathways) with Academic Senate.

ASQC membership represents all Faculties of the University, Macquarie University College and a range of specialist sections of the University with a mix of ex-officio members (usually senior executives from the Faculties or the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)’s portfolio), and elected or appointed staff and student members, giving everyone a voice. 

The current Chair is Associate Professor Michael Hitchens, and the Deputy Chair is Associate Professor Agnes Bosanquet.  

The full membership of the ASQC is below:

Ms Shirley Sorensen in Governance Services currently provides ASQC Secretariat support. Enquiries can be sent to

Any questions?

Are you interested in having input into any of the work of ASQC, or are you interested in finding out more? Then don’t hesitate to contact members of ASQC to ask questions and express your ideas. Your input helps ASQC members to undertake their representative roles.

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