The inaugural Inclusive Teaching Forum was held on the Wallumattagal North Ryde campus on 12 April, 2022. Almost 200 Macquarie academic and professional community members came together for an interactive, engaging, and collaborative forum, to think, discuss, and learn from each other about inclusive teaching practices, perspectives, and challenges – and more broadly, about the possibilities for diversity and inclusion at Macquarie.

The forum challenged my thinking and provided new approaches I haven’t come across before. This is an area that needs a great deal of attention in an educational setting and for enhancing the student experience. 

This was only the beginning of a very important conversation, though – there’s still work to do, and there will be further opportunities to get involved in these discussions. In the meantime, you can catch up on anything you missed below, including a thought-provoking showcase video by Macquarie students, and all the presentations from the Forum.

It was a fantastic event – thought-provoking, engaging, and challenging. Great to hear student voices.

Watch and listen to this video showcasing Macquarie students sharing their thoughts, ideas and experiences with inclusive teaching and student support at Macquarie. With thanks to Fatima, Hayley, Jarrod, Kathryn, Mahtab, Neilab, Nina, Samir, and Erinn.

Video recordings of all the Forum presentations, with details of the speakers, topics and timings are below.

SpeakerTitleAvailable to view
Vice Chancellor Professor S. Bruce DowtonWelcomePart 1:
00:00 to 8:00 mins
Dr Michael Donovan
Macquarie School of Education
Indigenous Knowledges: Old knowledge used to engage future directions for Macquarie University students and staffPart 1:
8:05 to 25:45 mins
David Chapman & Hannah Vogel
Faculty of Arts
Changing History: Perspectives on Accessibility and DisabilityNot available
Associate Professor Kathleen Tait &
Dr Sue Silveira
Macquarie School of Education
Developing an inclusive learning environment for students with visual impairmentPart 2:
00:00 to 15:00 mins
Dr Noushin Nasiri
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Engineers: re-defining the stereotypePart 2:
15:00 to 25:50 mins
Sophie Curtis
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Lead – Campus Life
Showing up: Creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ studentsPart 2:
25:55 to end
Professor Debbie Haski-Leventhal
Macquarie Business School
Teaching beyond privilegePart 3:
00:00 to 17:30
Professor Catherine Dean
Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences
Narrative pedagogy: using storytelling to promote inclusive practicePart 3:
17:35 to 27:25 mins
Associate Professor Agnes Bosanquet
PVC- Learning & Teaching
A workshop activityPart 3:
27:25 to 35:50 mins
Dr Prashan S M Karunaratne
Macquarie Business School
A Colourful Tomorrow in Every Sphere of LifePart 3:
35:55 to end
Part One – Vice Chancellor’s introduction, and Dr Michael Donovan.
Part Two – Associate Professor Kathleen Tait and Dr Sue Silveira, Dr Noushin Nasiri, and Sophie Curtis.
Part Three – Professor Debbie Haski-Leventhal, Professor Catherine Dean, and Dr Prashan S M Karunaratne.

Where to now?

  • Since the forum, discussions about inclusive teaching have continued via a series of staff and student focus groups held during April and May. Feedback, ideas, and priorities from the focus groups will be used to inform the development of inclusive teaching resources for staff.
  • View Diversity and Inclusion workshops offered across Macquarie
  • Look out for forthcoming TECHE posts dedicated to responding to the questions raised by participants at the Forum.

Our thanks to all the Forum speakers and contributors. This event was proudly co-sponsored by the Office of Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) and Workplace Diversity and Inclusion.

Header image by Erinn Branagh.
Event images by Erinn Branagh.

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