The Award Application Writing Workshops will be an opportunity to share best practice and will provide helpful ‘hints and tips’ to write a competitive application. This year we are offering two workshops to support staff in writing their award applications.

The first workshop, on 20 April, is co-hosted by Associate Professor Agnes Bosanquet (Director, Learning & Teaching Staff Development, PVC (L&T)) and Dr Alissa Beath (2021 Winner Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence, School of Psychological Sciences, FMHSS).

The second workshop, on 15 June is for those who have been nominated to apply for an award in the Student Nominated Award category. This workshop will be hosted by Associate Professor Agnes Bosanquet.

Please register for the workshops below:

  • Award Writing workshop (all categories): 11:00 am – 12:00 pm, Wednesday 20 April 2022. Register here > 
  • Student Nominated-Award Writing Workshop: 15 June 2022: 10:00 am – 11:00am, Wednesday 15 June 2022. Register here > 

Writing an award application for the Vice-Chancellor’s Learning and Teaching Awards requires planning and reflection. Keep in mind that awards are competitive, so it is important to:

  • Read the award guidelines and related information carefully;
  • Consult your Deputy Dean/Associate Dean/Director or equivalent prior to commencing an application to confirm their support;
  • Consider the appropriate category for your application; and
  • Gather your evidence and align this with the criteria in the relevant category.

Further information and resources can be found on the Writing an award application webpage.

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